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Worried That You'll Lose Your Custody Rights?

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If you're concerned about child custody and visitation rights, Michael D. Curran, Attorney PC can help. We work with families from across the McKinney area and can help you fight for your rights as a parent.

Local clients rely on our team because:

  • We're experienced: Attorney Curran has been practicing law for more than 30 years.
  • We're dedicated: Our team gives every case careful attention.
  • We're fair: We work hard to find a solution that's best for all parties involved, including the child.
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Attorney Curran isn't afraid to go to bat for you

Is an upcoming child custody battle keeping you up at night? Turn to Michael D. Curran, Attorney PC for legal guidance. Attorney Curran and his staff will guide you through any decisions related to education, health care and religious upbringing.

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