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Raising a Child Can Be Expensive

Pursue financial support with help from an attorney

When you and your partner decide to split, it can put significant strain on your finances - especially if you have full custody of your children. Luckily, you have options. Turn to Michael D. Curran, Attorney PC for legal assistance. You can work directly with attorney Curran to pursue child support payments that will help you raise your children in a financially stable environment.

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Give your child the tools they need to succeed

Monthly child support payments can be the difference between financial hardship and financial stability. If a judge grants you child support, you can use those funds to pay for your child's...

  • Living expenses: This includes housing payments, food costs, new clothing and other routine expenses.
  • School supplies: Buy your child the new backpack they need or mark things off their back-to-school list.
  • Tuition: If you're sending your child to private school, you can use those funds to finance their education.
Both parents are financially responsible for their child's upbringing. Talk to an experienced family law attorney about your options today.