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Settle Your Divorce Amicably

Work with an experienced family law attorney

Going through a divorce comes with enough stress and emotions, you don't want to worry about additional arguments over your assets. Instead of fighting through the process on your own, get mediation services from an experienced lawyer. Michael D. Curran, Attorney PC will work with you and your partner to create lasting agreements and keep matters out of the courtroom.

Attorney Curran has more than 30 years of legal experience helping clients just like you. Make an appointment with him today by calling 214-799-6184.

Establishing ground rules for your separation

As a married couple, you likely have a lot of joint assets to go through. Our family law attorney will help you establish agreements regarding...

  • Division of financial accounts and assets
  • Custody of your children
  • Financial support for either partner
By putting together agreements outside of court, you won't have to worry about navigating a lengthy litigation process. Schedule your free consultation with attorney Curran today.